Which cigars make the best presents in 2023?

If you’re on the hunt for great cigars that make the perfect gift this year, we can help. We’ve put together a list of our favorite cigars that are sure to please anyone. From mild and medium-bodied to full-flavored stogies and everything in between, these handcrafted cigars will be a hit with any cigar enthusiast on your shopping list this year.




Both newcomers and experts alike are huge fans of Oliva cigars. Oliva is renowned for creating a variety of flavors with varying levels of strength. Over the years, Oliva has won numerous prestigious accolades, including Cigar Aficionado’s prized “#1 Cigar of the Year” title. Each cigar has outstanding consistency, quality, and construction with a concentration on Nicaraguan characteristics that are medium to full-bodied. When looking for high-quality, reasonably priced cigars, cigar enthusiasts frequently turn to Oliva.






The consistency and smoothness of each handmade cigar will make it clear why Macanudo is the most popular brand in America. The Macanudo brand has been the go-to cigar for both beginners and connoisseurs since 1971.


The most popular cigar, by far, is Macanudo Café. The 90-rated jewel is smooth, mellow, and remarkably reliable. 93 people recommend the Macanudo Inspirado Orange. The acclaimed portfolio gains a completely new dimension with the addition of this award-winning cigar. A rich, aromatic Brazilian-wrapped blend is offered by Macanudo Inspirado Green. And if you’re looking for something completely different, “M” by Macanudo includes a coffee-infused cigar in the mix that’s hard to resist.





Monte Cristo

With a name that has strong commercial origins and a recognizable Cuban background, Montecristo cigars are extremely well-known and in high demand. With a wide range of Dominican and Nicaraguan blends that cater to a wide range of strength and flavor preferences, including mild, approachable cigars as well as more robust, full-flavored alternatives, Montecristo has undoubtedly evolved.


Every imaginable shape, strength, wrapper color, and size of Montecristo Cigars is available to satisfy the smoking preferences of virtually every cigar connoisseur. Montecristo, a firm that never rests on its laurels, has a constantly expanding array of fantastic, top-rated blends, including the Montecristo Number 2, Classic Red, White Series, Afrique, and many other highly valued products.





Cigars with flavors and additives are undoubtedly outcasts in the market. However, one brand stands out from the crowd and is more well-known than some of the largest names in the cigar industry. Of course, we’re referring to ACID Cigars. Their dramatic surge in popularity since their publication in 1999 is supported by their sales figures. 


The Acid brand, produced in Nicaragua by Drew Estate, offers a wide selection of exquisite aromatic blends. Drew Estate cures tobacco in what they call “Aroma Chambers,” which are rooms with over 150 different herbs, oils, spices, and botanicals that gradually infuse the tobacco leaves with aroma.





Drew Estates, who are typically known for their flavored cigars, made a tremendous sensation with their classic Liga Privada #9. Because of the high demand for the cigar, Drew Estate was forced to tell the rollers to cease burning their favorite mix due to its blend running out.


Undercrown, which was developed by the rollers at the Drew Estate facility, uses cigars similar to the Liga Privada #9 because they are more widely available. The Drew Estate Undercrown cigar, which has a dark San Andres Maduro wrapper, begins with aromas of coffee and a faint hint of spice that become more pronounced as the cigar burns. The cigar continues to develop as it burns, finishing as a medium- to full-bodied pleasure.







With scores of 90+ rated products, Padrón cigars have earned a legendary standing among cigar lovers worldwide. The Padrón brand has a longstanding reputation that dates back to 1964. It is known for its beautiful array of high-quality, handcrafted, matured Nicaraguan blends. With a traditional profile that speaks for itself, rich flavors and flawless craftsmanship continue to keep devotees of Padrón cigars eagerly engaged.





Romeo y Julieta

Unquestionably, one of the most well-known and well-loved Cuban Heritage brands ever created is Romeo y Julieta. The Romeo y Julieta brand, created in 1875 and named after Shakespeare’s well-known tragic play, has been igniting love affairs among cigar smokers all over the world for more than 145 years.


Every cigar fan is likely to find the ideal Romeo y Julieta cigar to fit his or her smoking needs, with flavor profiles ranging from creamy smooth, and mellow to rich, strong, and full-bodied.




If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the cigar aficionado in your life, or even for yourself, you’ve come to the right place. With so many cigars on the market, it can be hard to decide which ones are the best. That’s why we’ve created this guide to help you find the perfect cigar to gift (and smoke) this year. Stop by your neighborhood Cox’s Smoke Shop to find the perfect present. 

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