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Cox’s Smoker’s Outlet is Louisville’s neighborhood home for premium cigars.

Whether you’re new to the cigar scene or a fine cigar aficionado, you’ll find the perfect cigar for any occasion right around the corner at your nearby Cox’s Smoker’s Outlet. Our friendly, experienced tobacconists can help you find the right cigars for your every need. We have an amazing selection of famous brands and favorite styles to suit your desire for premium cigar tastes. Many of our cigar stores feature huge walk-in humidors stocked with all types of premium cigars for your smoking pleasure. Stop in, look around and enjoy the finest cigar shop near you. Buy a whole box and save an additional15%. See our location pages to find the neighborhood Smoker’s Outlet nearest you.


What makes a good cigar a good cigar?

That’s a good question. And there’s no one simple answer. Fine cigars, like fine food, are often just a matter of taste. Cigars can be measured by many attributes, such as strength, draw, feel, burn, shape and physical construction. But most cigar lovers will probably tell you they choose their cigars based simply on flavor. And flavors can vary wildly, with differing degrees of sweetness, pepper, spice, salt, coolness and other taste-tempting notes. Finding the taste you like, or even the most pleasing aroma, is the best measure of a good cigar.


One thing that is certain is you can’t define a good cigar by its price. If you opt to buy an expensive cigar you may have high expectations, but it doesn’t guarantee you will like it any better. The flavor you enjoy is often about the blend and how the tobaccos work together. There are many reasons why one cigar is more expensive than others, but it has little to do with how they actually taste. Again, a good cigar is any cigar you enjoy.


What are the most common types of cigars?

To help you in your quest to find that perfect cigar, or if you just want to sound a little smarter at the cigar lounge near you, here is a guide to the six most common cigar styles. In this case, cigars are defined mainly by size and shape, and not by flavor or strength. Size is defined by the cigar’s length and diameter, expressed as ring gauge. (For your cigar lounge knowledge, each ring gauge equals 1/64 inch.)


Robusto is the most popular cigar size in America. They are short and fat, measuring 4-3/4 to 5-1/2 inches by 48 to 52 ring gauge.


Corona is probably the most popular among flavor-seekers and is the standard by which other cigars are measured. They typically are 5-1/2 to 6 inches long with a 42 ring gauge (42/64 inches in diameter).


Lonsdale is a light smoke cigar similar to Corona in diameter but often around 6-1/2 inches in length. They are created for those who enjoy a longer, flavorful smoke.


Belicoso is a highly concentrated, stout cigar with a sharply tapered head. They are typically 5 to 6-1/2 inches with a 48-54 ring gauge.


Panetela is known for being long and slim. These “elegant” cigars can go from 5 to 7-1/2 inches (sometimes referred to as Gran Panetelas) with a ring gauge of 34 to 38.


Churchill, named after the famed British Prime Minister, is a thick, heavy smoke cigar for serious smokers. It typically is 7 inches in length with a full 47 ring gauge.


Let us help you enjoy the perfect cigar experience.

With so many styles, so many flavors and so many cigar occasions, it’s good to have an expert tobacconist right in your neighborhood. Let us help you pick the right cigar with the right flavor, strength and price to meet your cigar smoking needs. Here are just some on the brands you’ll find at the Cox’s Smoker’s Outlet near you.


  • AJ Fernandez •Cusano Ashton •JFR Padilla Montecristo •Casa Garcia 1875 Romeo Romeo by Romeo La Aroma De Cuba Camacho Liga Privada Liga Undercrown Acid Herrera Esteli Nica Rustica Kentucky Fired Cured Joya De Nicaragua CAO La Gloria Punch Partagas Macanudo Cohiba Padron Olivia Nub Cain Perdomo Rocky Patel Gurkha PDR Fuente


Make Cox’s Smoker’s Outlet your fine cigar habit.

The best brands, the largest variety and the best prices are yours to enjoy at your neighborhood Cox’s Smoker’s Outlet. You can’t smoke ‘em if you don’t got ‘em, so visit us today.

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Premium Cigars

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