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Whether you are a wine beginner or a connoisseur, looking for an everyday wine or a special celebratory bottle, Cox’s Spirit Shoppe is your neighborhood home for all types of wine at affordable prices. We have a large selection of domestics, blends and imports from France, Italy, Australia, South America and more. When you are looking for a wine store near me, look no further than your local Cox’s Spirit Shoppe to discover our extensive collection of the most popular wines. Let us help you find just the right wine for your occasion. When you find what you like, purchase six or more bottles and enjoy an additional 10% off. Check out our location pages to find the neighborhood Spirit Shoppe nearest you.


How to pick a good wine.  

Wine doesn’t have to be intimidating. A good wine is simply any wine that you enjoy. But learning some basic information about wine can help you find one that is the best fit for you. When you can match your own general taste preferences with the defining characteristics of a wine variety then you can start choosing wine like an expert.


The most common attributes used to define a wine are sweetness, acidity, body, tannin, and alcohol content. You will no doubt have a preference in each of these categories. •Sweetness is typically described on wine labels as sweet, semi-sweet, or dry. Dry means it is not sweet at all. Your preference for one or the other may depend on your mood, food pairing or the occasion.

  • Acidity will determine how tart a wine tastes. The higher the acidity the more tart, while lower acidity produces a richer taste.
  • Body means how heavy or light the wine feels in your mouth. Red wines are generally more full-bodied than white wines.
  • Tannins are compounds found in the skin of the grapes and they contribute a certain bitterness to the wine flavor. They also tend to dry out your mouth. Red wines incorporate more tannins in their production resulting in a dryer, more bitter finish.
  • Alcohol content in wine is another measuring characteristic. Wines can have a large range of alcohol by volume (ABV) but typically fall between 11-13 percent. The higher the ABV in your wine, the more you will feel a warming in the back of your mouth.


Other points you may consider are wine nutrition facts such as wine calories, low carb wines and organic wines. We carry all types so if this is a concern, just ask one of our wine experts to help you find the best wine for your needs.


How to meet your match.

Now that you know more about wine qualities, which wine is the best match for your tastes and how do you find it? Here is a list of the most common wine types ranked from light and sweet to most full-bodied and dry. It’s a good start to finding a wine you will love or one you will want to try next.


Riesling Sweet and acidic, light bodied white wine. Pairs well with spicy Asian or rich foods like duck and pork.


Pinot Gris– Medium bodied and refreshing white wine with crisp fruit and floral flavors. Pairs best with salad, cheeses and seafood, especially shellfish.


Sauvignon Blanc Light to medium bodied, crisp white wine with citrus notes and high acidity levels. Pair with chicken, pork, fish or shellfish.


Chardonnay Medium to full-bodied white wine with some crisp fruitiness, the most popular wine varietal in America. Pairs best with cream sauces or chicken.


Pinot Noir Light-bodied red wine with fewer tannins, higher levels of acidity, and fruit-forward taste with long lingering finish. Pairs with chicken, pork and veal.


Zinfandel Versatile full-bodied, low acidic red wine with a high level of fruit flavors and the highest alcohol levels. Goes well with a variety of foods including chicken, pork and beef.


Syrah Bold, rich red wine with higher acidity and notes of dark fruits and spices.  Pairs well with beef, lamb and hearty, rich meat dishes.


Cabernet Sauvignon Rich and robust, full-bodied red wine with high levels of tannins and alcohol. Pairs best with steak and other red meat.


Take home the wine you love.

Cox’s Spirit Shoppes carries the most popular wine brands in the world . And some that are our own best kept secret. Come discover all the best wines for all your occasions. Look for these famous brands and ask about our wine specials.


  • Locations •Primus •Ménage A Trois •19 Crimes •Noble Vines •Francis Coppola •Apothic •Opus One •Cakebread •Molly Dooker •Orin Swift •Rodney Strong •Cameron Hughes •William Hill •Silver Oak •Santa Margherita •Conundrum •Raventos •Mumm Napa •Kendell Jackson •Clos du Bois •Cupcake


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