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There are so many brands and so many flavors of spiked seltzers out there today that it’s nearly impossible to choose a favorite. But fortunately for you, Cox’s carries virtually all of them. And at prices that make it easy to ‘try ‘em all’ to find the perfect fit for your flavor-seeking taste buds. When you drop by your neighborhood Cox’s Spirit Shoppe you’ll find a wide variety of the hottest names in sparkling hard seltzers, such as Bud Light Seltzer, Corona Seltzer, High Noon, White Claw, Canteen Spirits, Truly and many, many more. Come see what’s new in hard seltzer water brands. Check out our location pages to find the neighborhood Spirit Shoppe nearest you.


What’s all the buzz about hard seltzer?

Without a doubt, the hottest trend in the adult beverage industry is the meteoric rise of hard seltzer water. What is hard seltzer? Quite simply, it’s water with bubbles that also contains alcohol, usually mixed with a hint of fruit flavor. The alcohol typically comes from fermented cane sugar, but some brands use malted barley or even other distilled spirits. But this is no passing fad. Seltzer water has been popular for quite a while, but the addition of alcohol and exotic flavoring has contributed to a whole new level of explosive popularity. Every major beer, liquor, and seltzer company is coming out with their own versions with no end in sight. The hard seltzer market size has already reached $500+ million, with sales growing by over 200% in the past year. Hard seltzer companies will continue to grow and new offerings will help the market evolve even more. What gained fame as the refreshing drink of summer has become a year-round, gender-neutral, low-cal favorite for a growing market of adults everywhere. Come see for yourself and discover all the hard seltzer options available each week at Cox’s Spirit Shoppe.


What about those calories, carbs and alcohol content…

Millions of people are drinking hard seltzers these days and there are just about as many reasons why. If you want a lower-calorie alternative most hard seltzers have little or no added sugar, which means each 12oz.can is usually 100 calories or less. That’s about as low or lower than you’ll find for any cocktail or alcoholic beverage. But hard seltzer calories are not the only attraction. The alcohol content in hard seltzer varies by brand and provides tasty choices for those wanting to moderate. Alcohol by volume (ABV) rates are as low as 4% in some popular brands, though you can find some brands at 10% or higher if you’re feeling more adventurous. A look at hard seltzer nutrition facts points out other reasons why the drink is making waves with today’s discerning drinkers. Most of the popular hard seltzer brands contain only 2 grams of carbs or less, 2 grams of added sugar or less, are gluten-free and compliant with diets like keto or Paleo. But the most compelling reason maybe because they just taste good. If you have a particular nutrition question or need help in finding the right hard seltzer brand for you, just ask any of our neighborly Cox’s Spirit Shoppe staff.


Cox’s Spirit Shoppe is your hard seltzer headquarters.

The latest brands, the largest variety and the best prices can all be found at your neighborhood Cox’s. Stop by Cox’s Spirit Shoppe today and find your favorite hard seltzer brands for all your favorite occasions.

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